About Us


We are a family owned and operated company in St. Charles, MO (a suburb of St. Louis). We got our start making blocks in 2017; we had always loved stacking stones and thought we could mimic the asymmetrical shape of rocks out of wood. We made some and loved them, and it grew from there.




Tumi Ishi wood rocks are a new take on the classic wooden building block and are meant to be stacked and balanced for a relaxing yet challenging pastime; reminiscent of the meditative and fun pastime of stacking and balancing stones. Unlike standard square blocks, our wood rocks have many facets making them more difficult and satisfying to stack. The different facets and unique shapes promote creative out of the box thinking, mindfulness, and problem solving skills.

We make each block individually by hand and use no set pattern when shaping them; this is something that cannot be accomplished using machines, making every block and set truly unique. Our blocks will last generations as a true heritage toy providing hours of open-ended play.

You can play with them alone or with others, you can use them to wind down or have a race against friends, you can stack them high or make a design; however you decide to use your Tumi Ishi Wood Rocks, we truly hope you enjoy them!



First, our diverse selection of sustainably sourced native hardwood species is paramount to us, and allows us/you to create truly extraordinary sets and feel good about the process at the same time. We want to showcase the beautiful colors and textures of each species so we don't use paint or stain; we make our own blend of non-toxic and natural finish to bring out each wood's true colors.

Second, we make each block individually by hand in order to create different shapes and sizes with countless facets, guaranteeing no two are the same; unlike machine made blocks with a set/repeating pattern. The many different facets of our Tumi Ishi Wood Rocks are what really takes stacking to a different level, and brings about a special creativity and unconventional way of problem solving along with endless stacking options. 

Third, our blocks are larger than the factory made balance blocks found on the market. Our Tumi Ishi Wood Rocks range in size from approximately 2 to 4 inches on any side. We want our blocks to be safe for all ages, which is why we make larger sizes and test that our blocks do not fit in a small parts tester. 

"The harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it." ~Anonymous